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2015-08-14 14_02_38-Main_Alan_thicke.jpg (800×436)Michael Gross is living the fucking life. Having predicted the cancellation of the show two years before it happened, the actor turned his attention to the import/export sector and soon entered into a (then controversial) trade agreement with China. Three years later the actor was supplying the commies with 70% of their drinking water and basically wiping his infant children’s soiled bums with all his cash. Don’t ask him for a loan though; he’s famous for being a giant tosser.

r-MEREDITH-BAXTER-large570Surprisingly, Kirk Cameron did not end up succeeding Hugh Sinclair as the Saint (in the popular The Saint film franchise) as predicted by Seventeen magazine. Despite suffering irreparable damage to his vocal cords while cheering his beloved Southampton FC to 18th position in the 1992-93 FA Premier League season, the handsome actor is still involved in show business! He can currently be can seen performing on Broadway as Willy Loman’s spectacular three-piece suit in Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman.

2015-08-14 14_49_42-060613-celebs-out-lenny-kravitz-portrait.png (1200×675)Lisa Bonet. Damn! Very little information exists on the whereabouts of the hottest woman in a sitcom since M*A*S*H was cancelled. The last we heard she was participating in a polygamy experiment with Henry and Nancy Kissinger on the short-lived BBC reality show Diplomacy, Bitches! in 1990.

2015-08-14 15_00_53-db90f689b1567600818428ca3dfc88a3_567x210.jpg (567×210)Remember the world’s disgust at Judas Iscariot being cast as the Major’s clumsy sidekick, Stefan? It’s a testament to his agent’s diligence that the ex-tax collector was able to find ANY work in showbiz following his infamous betrayal of Jesus Christ  in 32 AD. The traitorous fuck died in 1988.

2015-08-14 15_27_10-www.modoras.com_cms_wp-content_uploads_2014_07_stock-footage-soccer-ball-rollingCthulhu lived up to his reputation of being a total badass and fucked shit up for all of us. Damn, yo!