Quaker-Parrot-EatFood interception
Feeding yourself is a pain when there’s an African Grey between your meal and your esophagus. You’re going to ingest less than what you put in your mouth. A LOT less. So get used to dishing your meals into a hubcap. Also, if your diet includes seeds you’re fucked.


Feather ingestion
You’d think having a mouth full of beautiful exotic colours is only a pleasure. Well guess what. These birds will shed their feathers right the fuck down your throat. It’s called molting and if you haven’t learned how to digest feathers by the time your birds start doing it you’re in for a rough couple of weeks. Also, start carrying a notepad and and pencil with you because you can say goodbye to air travelling over your larynx.


Sleep deprivation
Synchronising your sleep schedule with that of a bird is surprisingly easy. Doing so with 32 birds is impossible. Ever try having a nap underneath the stage at a Meshuggah concert?


Dealing with mating season
The motivation to reproduce is not inhibited by being rooted to a spot far away from the only female in the mouth. Inaccurate semen flinging isn’t an activity reserved for amputee pornography.